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5 star
The Hairy Coo


“Everything about this was amazing and wonderful…Better than any other tour I’ve ever been on…ever.”

– Marah A.

Now, you too can experience the REAL Scotland

(And if you don’t agree with Marah, you don’t pay a penny!)

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Being Scottish, I’ve seen a lot of Scotland.

And whenever I met tourists, I couldn’t believe what they were missing.

Sure, the buses took them to famous places such as Loch Ness, Glencoe, Skye and Stirling.

But they didn’t meet the 10 local craftsmen of Deanston’s Whisky Distillery…

…They didn’t see where Mary Queen of Scots hid from Henry VIII’s armies…

…They didn’t even meet our local Hairy Coos – enormous ginger creatures who’ve roamed these Highlands for Centuries.



Most tour companies are too big to show you Scotland’s little-known spots

So let me give you an authentic experience of this breathtaking country. Watch our wee video below if you want to see what a day on tour with us is actually like, or keep reading below that…



On the Hairy Coo Tour Bus, of course you see the famous tourist spots. But that’s not all…

You also see the Scotland us Scots know and love. Hear its bloodthirsty true stories. And if you don’t agree this is better than any tour you’ve ever been on, you pay absolutely nothing. No catch!


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TripAdvisor patrons voted this #1 of ‘Things to do in Edinburgh’. We’ve won a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ award 6 years in a row. Here’s what Marah said:


Everything about this was amazing and wonderful. Absolutely lovely people! The tour guide provided the most amazing information about basically anything you’d ask him! Extremely friendly and funny! The attractions were wonderful with breathtaking views. Better than any other tour i’ve ever been on… ever.” – Marah A.


“Amazing tour to see the beautiful Highlands,” said Alexandra O. “Our tour guide was great fun and inviting. He knew exciting stories and facts to tell us along the way. This tour takes you to some really amazing places…Tour van was comfortable and relaxing. Wouldn’t recommend any other tour to see Scotland!”


Looks like Liz M. agrees, too:

“I’m sure you could pretty much ask Donald any question about Scotland or Scottish people (alive or dead!) and he’d have an interesting answer. His stories are also all very entertaining, and it’s not like other tours where you get bored of someone talking at you – I was surprised by how engaged I was throughout the day.” – Liz M.


And here’s something they forgot to mention…

You can book your first Hairy Coo adventure for FREE!

On this Highland adventure, you take in some of Scotland’s most breathtaking sights…

…Hear true tales of Kings and Queens. Blood and gore. Betrayal and revenge.

…Get your picture taken with our nation’s unique “Hairy Coos”.

“Besides all the touristic sights, the best thing about this tour was the visit of the hairy coos,” said Juliane J.

“You definitely have to do this tour to see the cows. That is the best part and they are the cutest creatures ever.”

We watch other tour buses drive right past them. It’s criminal.


So why would I do all this for FREE?!  3 reasons.


First: I LOVE Scotland, and I’ve seen too many people leave without experiencing it properly. I cannot watch you do the same.

Second: We do gratefully collect tips at the end. You can pay whatever you feel the trip was worth to you. You’re under no obligation, but 99.7% of people are so delighted, this easily keeps our buses running.

Third: You can enjoy more Hairy Coo tours which cost a little more. We hope you enjoy your experience with us sooooo much, that when you return to Scotland, you visit us again. We also want you to tell family and friends about how much fun you’ve had.

We’re handing the power back to YOU; the customer, and this guarantees the highest quality of tour possible. We believe that if money is given; it should be in direct proportion to the quality of the tour, and the level of customer service you feel has been provided. No catch!


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Of course, I’m biased, but I suspect your experience will be so unforgettable you have to book again. After all, Bill from Tennessee did…


“One of the BEST day trips our family has ever taken. We enjoyed the whole day. The tour guide was so informative. He was easy to understand and very enjoyable. We can’t wait to go on the new tour of Loch Ness.” – Bill M, Franklin, Tennessee


And if you do book any of our regular ‘paid’ day trips, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re unhappy for any reason, you get a full refund. What’s more, you can cancel any trip, without paying any penalties whatsoever. Just give us 3 days notice. It won’t cost you a penny.

Take it from Trip Advisor though: you don’t want to miss this.

At the time of writing, of 1909 Trip Advisor Reviews, 1878 rated us either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’. 99.7% would recommend this to a friend.

Do you really want to spend up to £53 per person elsewhere – with tour companies who don’t offer ANY of this? Do you really want to hire a car, take on Scotland’s difficult roads, and miss the stories behind the scenery?

Or would you rather sit back and have a real Scotsman show you the real Scotland?

You risk nothing doing this. If you’re not 100% satisfied, don’t pay a penny.

How can you lose?  Just Click the button below to see the tours we have available…