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“Imagine a journey across one of the most beautiful countries in the world. On this journey you have a wise, informative and educational tour guide who never fails to entertain and educate you. From the beautiful scenery to the historical monuments and buildings. Every single part of this tour is amazing. Exploring castles, climbing 246 steps on the Wallace Monument, meeting the hairy coos and so much more. Recommended this trip to everyone and anyone.” – Daithi O


“I learned about Hairy Coo tours from a friend whose daughter lives in England. They had gone on the free tour and enjoyed everything about it. On their recommendation, we booked the Whiskey, Glencoe tour. It was a long day, but worth every moment. Paddy was an excellent guide, happy, entertaining every minute. We learned about the Jacobite Uprising not all at once, but bits throughout the day. By the time he finished, I felt like I lived it. Like the other tours, when he felt we were tired of listening, he played music by local bands. This tour is not free, but worth every penny. I have already recommended Hairy Coo to friends and will book again when we return. Great Job!!” – Mamajujubee, Oregon


“We took two tours — and while both were absolutely fantastic, Ryan was the clincher for making the Highland Tour is best experience ever. I love the concept of the Hairy Coo free tours but it seems anything they do are amazing successes. Sometimes it is difficult to commit to tours as far in advance as we did but the rewards when it works out this well just adds to the what is already an amazing experience. We went by the advice of fellow travelers and for your sake, please do the same. Take any (or all) of the Hairy Coo tours.” – Joyce H., Canada


“Me and my husband enjoyed our day in the Hairy Coo bus. Donald knows everything there is to know about the scenery, the history and the people involved…We learned a lot about the history of Schotland and he even throws in a personal story every now and then. We loved his sarcastic humor and would recommend this tour to annyone.” – Lenie777, Amsterdam


Everything about this was amazing and wonderful. Absolutely lovely people! The tour guide provided the most amazing information about basically anything you’d ask him! Extremely friendly and funny! The attractions were wonderful with breathtaking views. Better than any other tour i’ve ever been on… ever.” – Marah A.


“One of the BEST day trips our family has ever taken. We enjoyed the whole day. The guide/owner was so informative. He was easy to understand and very enjoyable. We cant wait to go on the New tour of Lock Ness.” – Bill M, Franklin Tennessee


“The knowledge of Donald is remarkable, I’m sure you could pretty much ask him any question about Scotland or Scottish people (alive or dead!) and he’d have an interesting answer. His stories are also all very entertaining, and it’s not like other tours where you get bored of someone talking at you – I was surprised by how engaged I was throughout the day.” – Liz M.


“Took this tour last weekend, and all I can say is beyond happy that I took the time to do it! The tour itself was scenic and beautiful, and I definitely saw parts of Scotland I would never have found on my own. Our tour guide, Ryan, was friendly, engaging, and presented all the information in a way that was really easy to connect with. Already started recommending this tour to friends and family and would happily do it again next time I’m in Edinburgh!” – BecL05, London


“My 12 year old son really enjoyed this tour. In the main this is down to the guide “Don” – he was very engaging and entertaining on this day tour. Even giving out bread for you to feed the Hairy Coo’s. My son learnt more about Scottish history on this trip than in any museum. If you have a spare day this is a must do.” – Harvandy


“Our tour guide Andrew was great fun and inviting. He knew exciting stories and facts to tell us along the way. This tour takes you some really amazing places to see. Tour van was comfortable and relaxing. Wouldn’t recommend any other tour to see Scotland!” –  Alexandra O.


“My first day in Edinburgh and can’t encourage you enough to get on a tour to explore the lowlands to the highlands. Whiskey tour and tasting at 10am was a bit naughty but educational, carried onto Loch Ness for a beautiful ferry cruise… Thanks Hairy Coo tours for that experience!!” – Rebekah S.


“We absolutely loved the tour, despite the rainy weather running thru almost the whole day. The tour was on time; our guide, Alastair, was considerate and fun and full of stories plus experiences to share with anyone who cared to ask. We all had a decent amount of time at every attraction plus explanation on the places before hand.” – Khanh Nguyen


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Watch some ‘live’ testimonials from some of our real guests on our ‘Day with The Hairy Coo’ video below…


"If you're visiting Edinburgh do yourself a favor and check out The Hairy Coo. You'll thank me later."

Jose, Spain

"What made the day really special was our Guide....she was awesome. From telling stories and sharing Scottish history to playing great music and taking pictures for us; we will never forget our Hairy Coo tour."

Katie, New York

"Our guide was a master storyteller, quite the historian, and a marvelous ambassador for Scotland. I count it a privilege to have sat under his tutelage."

Cindy, Texas

"Scottish history is fascinating. Scottish history told with humor and wit against the rolling backdrop of the highlands is an absolute delight!"

Erin, Scotland

"I had packed a book in my bag, just in case, and never touched it. 'The Hairy Coo' Tour Guides are top notch storytellers!"

Jody, USA

"If you have the chance to do this tour, then do it. You will have a laugh, learn heaps and will not be disappointed. "

Cliff, Adelaide

"I loved it! The way you introduced us to Scotland was amazing! The places, stories and music were brilliant. I could feel your passion for your country. This made the day; and the tour, unique."

Nicole, Germany

"We loved that we went off the beaten track. The tour way exceeded my expectations."

Weronika, Poland

"Excellent. No one knows an area like a local!"

Ceri, Wales